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Flatpack Handyman

What Can I Do?

Quick and easy assembly of Flatpacks

    Flatpacks are typically furniture or other items from Ikea, Argos and other sources that arrive packed flat with instructions for self assembly at home.
    I have a knack of understanding flatpack instructions in a way most people don't. With my spatial awareness I am able to translate that into a physical assembly. An electric screwdriver and other power tools also help to greatly speed up the process.

    I can also build more advanced structures such as flatpack garden sheds as I have all the tools (and recent experience) I need to complete the job.

General DIY

    Do you need some DIY work done? Contact me with more information and I'll let you know what I can do.

Recent DIY Experience

  • Decorating and Repairs
    • Painting internal walls and ceilings and objects in matt, wood in gloss, outdoor railings and pipes with hammerite, wooden doors, benches and tables with varnish.
    • Wallpaper stripping.
    • Repairing surfaces with Polyfilla and other materials before any painting.
      • I also have various glues, from superglue to glass glue and epoxy.
      • I have various sealants and sealant shaping tools and can replace old seals if required.
      • I recently patched a hole in a ceiling with a piece of plasterboard cut to size.
      • I recently patched a cupboard panel with hardboard cut to size.
    • Sealing outdoor masonry structures.
    • Repairing outdoor masonry structures with mortar / cement.
      • I am looking to expand my masonry skills, including brick work and more.
      • I have a powerful SDS+ hammer drill and some large and long drill bits that can drill through tough thick masonry.
    • I have tools and materials to do tiling. I am looking to acquire experience in this area. I have repaired and replaced bad grouting.
    • Putting up curtain rails and curtains.

  • Jet washing patios, conservatories and metal structures.

  • Affixing pictures, shelves and other structures to walls (masonry, wood and metal).
    • I have kits for putting wires and low profile hooks onto picture frames.
    • My hammer drill is capable of drilling into most walls. I have special plugs for hollow dry walls.

  • Flatpacks
    • Wardrobes, desks, drawers, desks, etc. My power tools including electric screwdriver greatly speed up these jobs.
    • Large garden kids trampolines and furniture.
    • More advanced flatpack sheds.

  • Electricals and Audio Video (non electrician)
    • Replacing broken connectors and fixing broken wires and bad connections (some screw in, some soldered).
    • Cutting a fixed appliance flex wire and inserting a connector to make the wire detachable. Extensions to make wires longer are also possible.
      • Note that I am not an electrician so will not do anything that involves tampering with the mains.
      • I am happy to tinker with audio and electronics, and I have a soldering iron.

  • I have woodworking tools - sabre and jigsaws as well as a circular saw and electric sanders.
    • I recently bought and cut to length some pine coving, painted and sealed into place in a bathroom to replace an old rotten coving.
    • I recently bought and varnished planks of wood and nailed them into the base of a small tool shed to give it a new raised floor.
    • I have built and installed custom shelves out of planks of wood and batons / shelf brackets.

  • Miscellaneous
    • Troubleshooting small faulty devices.
    • Swapping which way the doors of a fridge / freezer open.
    • Adjusting and replacing cabinet and door concealed hinges in kitchens and other places.
    • I laid a couple of small patios recently.

What Do I Charge?

  • My General 2024 DIY (including Flatpack) hourly rate is £40 per hour. (Minimum charge of 30 minutes.)
  • There will be a small callout fee for jobs more than 4 miles into town / 5 miles across or out of town (at my discretion) by road from my base (HA3 0, Kenton, Harrow), starting at £10 and increasing for jobs further from base, as it will cost me more in terms of time and travel expenses to get to you. This helps to keep my rates as low as possible.
  • If you are outside my area, then please contact me for more information. I will be happy to help for the right price no matter where you are, as long as I can get to you.
  • No fix no fee! (Excluding callout fee.) If I am unable to fix your issue or complete your request then I will not charge for time spent on that particular issue or request.